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Mother Lode Jewish Community Annual Member Meeting Minutes  

(pending approval at 2019 Mtg)

July 15, 2018 ~ Murphys, CA


Attendance: Record of attendance maintained by secretary.


   I.  Meeting called to order by outgoing president, Rick Singer, at 12:15 pm

  II.  M/S/A Minutes of June 25, 2017.  

 III.  Annual Report reviewed including list of actions taken and financial year end report.       

         It was M/S/A ratifying all Board & Executive Committee Actions taken since June 25, 2017.

   IV. Election of Board Members for the 2018-2019 Year

         There being no nominations from the floor it was M/S/A tp approve the slate as proposed:


          Officers (4):

             Bill Wittmer for President,            Rodger Orman for Vice President

             Emily Orr for Treasurer                Dale Silverman for Secretary

          At Large (9):

             Teri Broleman

             Gunther Hsue (will serve as Program committee co-chair with Heather Hsue as co-chair)        

             Rhoda Nussbaum

             Ruth Perrine (will serve as Special Needs committee chair)

             Ron Schaner

             Rick Singer (as Immediate Past President)

             Gat Slor

             Tom Spira

             Theda Wagner

   V.    Future Programs: Co-chairs Gunther & Heather Hsue distributed a brief survey and encouraged discussion of possible programs, encouraging attendees

to contact them about what they would like, their willingness to host an event, participate in a program, etc.  A few ideas were discussed.  A guest who is in the process of converting expressed her frustration not being allowed to join.  She was assured that she is welcome to participate on committees as well as events, including assurances from others who have experienced the same issue in the past, but that the current membership requirements were created based on unfortunate situations in the past that would have affected the basic purpose and direction of the organization.


 VI.    Special Needs Committee Overview: Ruth Perrine indicated she plans to get started quickly and encouraged anyone who would like to participate in

some manner to get in touch with her.  She hopes to build a resource list and let members know soon the procedure that will be utilized in the event someone knows of a special situation. 


VII.   Rabbi Andra’s remarks: R’Andrr\a noted that during her recent visit to Israel she visited The Museum of the Jewish People (informally known as the

Diaspora Museum).  She shared that the “thing” that seems to have bound Jews together over the millennia across the glove is Jewish humor and encouraged all present to enjoy the day.


VIII. New president’s remarks: Bill Wittmer thanked the outgoing president as well as those leaving the board, welcomed the new board members and

         committee chair people and indicated he looks forward to the year ahead. 


  IX.   Shira Harris then made a brief presentation of her world travels through Turkey, Greece and Israel this past 8 months, noting that she was trying to

learn more about her personal roots, the Jewish Diaspora and meet and assist the unprecedented number of refugees fleeing from violence in the Middle east, hoping to land in Europe but instead held at camps in Greece and Turkey. 


   X. Meeting was adjourned at 1 pm.

Sent prior to meeting and distributed at the meeting: Agenda, Annual Report; Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting

Respectfully submitted by Dale Silverman.

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