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January 2022

Along time ago, someone said to me that, during the school year, once the spring semester rolls around at the beginning of January, the months move ahead so quickly.  Many of us have approached our “spring semester,” the second part of our time in the school we call life, and these months seem to move so much more rapidly than those we left behind.  However, while this chapter might move quickly, there is still much to accomplish, just as the spring semester brings with it an opportunity to learn so much and to uncover extraordinary things on the parts of the students at their desks.

The first portion we read in the Torah this month is parshat Va’yera, And I appeared, referring to G-d telling Moses that He appeared to our forefathers, but that He never called Himself by name.  G-d is now using His name and tells Moses that He has heard the cries of the Israelites and will take us out of Egypt and free us from bondage.  This portion includes the first of the ten plagues and renews G-d’s promise of redemption to us.  Much occurs throughout this portion, as is true throughout all of the chapters we read this month, as we navigate the story of our exodus and the beginning of our peoplehood. 

At the end of a ballgame, when the clock is almost ready to time out, many run onto the field and call it a day.  But, no matter where we are in a game, in a semester, our life’s journey, there are always opportunities if we are willing to open our eyes and recognize that even the final seconds might bring victory.

A new year lays before us and, yes, it might be the year that moves the fastest.  But, nevertheless, we were freed from slavery in just a few verses and who knows what we may accomplish if we take a break from looking at the calendar and look ahead to the hope and promise that lay before us.

May this be a year of prosperity, joy, good health and meaning for each of you ~

Kol tuv,



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